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The Blue-fronted Amazon parrot has been kept as pets for centuries and is highly regarded as a companion bird. Our babies are a very intelligent and imaginative bird. They long for the company of their owners and sometimes tend to become aggressive if it is left alone for extended periods. Also, an unattended bird has a tendency to chew on the household furniture.

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Talkative and charming, the  Blue-fronted Amazon parrot is a popular option for those seeking a pet bird. This bird, When it reaches maturity, the Turquoise-fronted amazon parrot usually measures between 15 and 17 inches from its beak to the tip of its tail, making it one of the larger parrot varieties. Blue Fronted Amazon For Sale As its name suggests, it has a yellow head, and the rest of its body is the familiar parrot green. Turquoise-fronted amazon parrots can live to be more than 60 years old, which makes them good longtime companions. But before you buy one of these birds, get to know a little about them to ensure they’re the right pet for you. Turquoise-fronted amazon parrots have headstrong, lively personalities and can be quite gregarious with both people and birds. Flashy, intelligent and full of the joys of life, these parrots happily thrive in a family with an active lifestyle. They easily learn tricks and various commands and respond willingly for praise or a treat. Comical and bold, Turquoise-fronted amazon parrots are rarely shy. They can be willful, however, and need an owner capable of accepting their strong personality.

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3 reviews for Buy Blue Fronted Amazon Online

  1. reddingtonparrotbreeders

    My DYH Neville is around 7 months old. He’s not so good flying around and often bangs into things rather than landing on them 🤦🏼‍♀️ He’s very wobbly on his perches when he walks on them. He doesn’t jump/fly from perch to perch and he doesn’t climb up his cage without flapping his wings and he doesn’t know how to climb down. Is this normal for his age? What can I do to help him?
    Thank you walter reddington.

  2. reddingtonparrotbreeders

    Paula Kessel

    Mike and Dragon are a lot alike. Dragon came to me from Walter Reddington at 22 years old, one previous owner. He had not much to say until he came to me. He’s now very chatty and his attitude and anger has subsided. He’s learning words and phrases of his own choosing. I tried to teach him sweetie pie and cutie pie but he prefers “birdy pie.”

    Bayville, United States

  3. reddingtonparrotbreeders

    Suzanne Marie

    Hey reddington. Well, my 30 year old TAG must have been racking them up in his memory bank. He has been a Chatty Cathy for the last 2 days. He has some new phrases! And he has also taken to mismatching words and phrases together. Ironically, they make perfect sense!
    So, yes. They do learn new words even as they get older. And yes. I wasn’t sure he would get past the 25 or so phrases he uses daily. See….Mike was a rescue bird. His former owner had him for 22 years before I had him

    Onalaska, United States

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