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The beak is strongly hooked and the feet are zygodactylous (2 toes that point forward and 2 toes that point backward). The green-winged macaw is a large parrot covered with mostly red plumage. The wing and tail feathers are blue and green, hence its name. This macaw has a white, naked face, striped with small red feathers.

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Red And Green Macaw Online


Size Approximately 65–92.5 cm (26–37 in); wingspan 102–122.5 cm (41–49 in).
Weight Approximately 1250–1700 g (43.8–59.5 oz.).
Diet Feeds on seeds, fruits, nuts, berries, leaves, salts and minerals of riverbanks.
Incubation Approximately 28 days.
Clutch Size Up to 3 eggs.
Fledgling Duration 90–100 days.
Sexual Maturity 3–4 years.
Life Span Up to 60–80 years.
Range Widely distributed throughout South America.
Habitat Found in tropical rain forests, savannas, and mangroves.

The Green Winged Macaw is a large bird. It is of the genus ara and belongs to the order of parrots. Green Wing Macaw For Sale, Buy Green Winged Macaw Online. It is also called Green-winged Macaw. The Green-winged Macaw sometimes looses tiny red feathers around the face. Typical of an ara is the strong and large bill. Its strong toes are grey. Gender can’t be told easily because females and males don’t differ in their appearance.

Green Winged Macaw

The green-winged macaw is a large parrot covered with mostly red plumage. Buy Green Winged Macaw Online. The wing and tail feathers are blue and green, hence its name. This macaw has a white naked face, striped with small red feathers. Green Wing Macaw For Sale, Buy Green-winged Macaw Online.


The Red and Green Macaw achieves a wingspan up to 125 centimeters and a weight up to 1700 grams and a total body length of up to 100 centimeters. Aside from the Hyacinth Macaw, it is the biggest species of the macaw family. Young Red and Green Macaws differ from adults. In contrast to old individuals, their iris is brown, not yellow and the lower beak isn’t black but grey. Buy Green Winged Macaw Online.

Green-winged macaws are often mistaken for scarlet macaws; the green wing has facial feathers and green on its wing feathers instead of yellow. Green wings are heavier than blue-and-gold macaws and scarlet macaws. Green wings get along with most other macaws their size, so keeping two macaws together is fine, but don’t allow birds of different species to breed.

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  1. Betsy Riley Harclerode

    Betsy Riley Harclerode

    SOS: More LORA advice please…. I promise not to overpost here…it’s just our first night with Lora and she won’t come down from her perch at the top of her cage so that we can close it up. We don’t want to force her, but it’s time to close the cage for the night (8:30pm here) and there don’t seem to be any food treats that will give her the confidence to go down herself. Is there a good way to take her down ourselves?


  2. Marina Casas

    Hi! Can you please help me? Not bird related, sorry, but it’s my daughter’s birthday next week. The thing is she gets a party every year, but due to covid, she won’t this time. So I’m using sb’s idea, and asking you to please share a pic of your grey with some greeting for her, so that i can make a powerpoint with greetings from all over the world.
    Thanks in advance! 😘
    Btw: Her name is Laia and she’s turning 10 years old.

    we are always there to support you we are a family

  3. Vikki Isla Paul

    So looking for some advice Iv had my girl for nearly three years now the First year was great but after that she has became a devil and even more in the past few months her screaming is really bad to which is now having a massive effect on my dad, she has had test done which show good blood resultsshe get different fruit and veg daily as well as pellets and seeds (as a rescue I have tried to take her off seeds but she just refuses to eat unless there is some in her cage) I am really worried that if her screaming continues my dad may ask me to get rid of her and before anyone says that’s a birds voice I am fully aware off this, but she is getting really bad lately and just looking to see if anyone has any ideas on why she screaming so much and what I can do to help her as I really don’t want to have to lose her


  4. Mehmet Çetinkaya

    Hello Reddington
    i got this CAG 1 year old.

    My African Gray hates shower. I made tons of research online. Couldn’t find anything working. He is terrified by the water at all. And now it’s very hot in Turkey (35 C) and he started to pluck. I don’t know how to stop him. Btw: he is not depressed or down. He enjoys talking and crowing. He makes around 50-60 different sounds and dances. But he plucks and never showers. Any suggestion for showering? I guess he plucks because he is dirty. It’s shower based problem. What would you suggest?

    South Carolina

  5. Martin Boisvert

    Martin Boisvert
    He’s just a baby he will become way way better with years to come faster and messiest

    thanks Reddington

  6. Alexandra Last

    Alexandra Last
    3h ·
    Today I have been yelling “NURSE!! RED BUTT! IT’S COLD!” followed by a nice fruity fart and I don’t understand why everyone is laughing

    thanks walts


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