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the Scarlet Macaw is known for its gorgeous plumes that include bright colors like scarlet, yellow and deep blue. Scarlet Macaws are wonderful companion birds as they simply love to be around people and get easily imprinted on human beings. One of the largest of the Macaw birds in the world,


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We are Bird Behaviorist Specialists. We can teach you how to modify you parrots behavior and help you teach your parrot to become a better family pet.. If you already own a parrot and are trying to get help to understand your pet better give us a call or email us.

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11 reviews for Buy Scarlet Macaws Online

  1. Laura Jones-Gerald

    Laura Jones-Gerald

    July 1 at 9:10 AM ·

    Minnie stealing a jello shot. Silly Minnie…. she knew what she was doing trying to run the other way 🤣

    New Jersey

  2. Clint Diamond

    Clint Diamond

    We had to do the same. The vet called during the exam and went over everything.
    I actually think it’s not a bad idea.


  3. Susan Burke

    Susan Burke

    Connecticut has the same rules. Didn’t like it but she needed a checkup. Was upset she had a mark on her face…felt like I failed…
    reddington thanks for your vet recommendations.


  4. Eugene Brownell

    Eugene Brownell
    July 2 at 5:10 AM ·

    Wondering what you all are doing about vets. In New York they are not letting you in just the bird. My b&g needs beak and nails trimmed and wellness ck. I’m not real comfortable leaving him alone. What is your experience with yours.

    New York

  5. Barbara Vallad

    Barbara Vallad
    If you want tips on training and companionship I HIGHLY recommend following Birdtricks on youtube, they also have a fb group (bird tricks Q&A) ❤

    thanks reddington for your awesome training tips too

  6. Barbara Vallad

    Barbara Vallad
    Lol!! Here’s Bella (used to be Buster… Until SHE laid an egg as well!!) I tell people, it’s 2020! We shouldn’t assume gender!

    always check the dna sex results that comes with your parrot


  7. Peggy Bryan

    Peggy Bryan

    July 5 at 10:43 AM ·

    Here’s my baby. Her name is Georgia (was George but eggs appeared) she’s a biter.
    I was watching the cat she normally ignores Georgia.

    thanks reddington


  8. Fernando Veira

    Fernando Veira

    Did mine when he was standing on my hand,
    he didn’t like it much but was going for the nail file instead of my hand thank god lol


  9. Louis Pape

    Louis Pape
    July 10 at 5:40 PM ·

    Y’all. My Chita has a sinus infection. She has to have two more shots. I’ve been giving her nose drops and medicine twice a day. It’s traumatic for both of us.


  10. Micki Courtney

    Micki Courtney

    Hi everyone! I’m brought a new 3 months old baby parrot 20 years ago from reddington breeders, thier delivery service is surperp . Thank you for letting me have her. This is our “SAM”. He’s 20 yrs old. we re-homed him temporarily 3 mos ago due to long vaccation we had out if the country. He just arrived to our home 1 week ago. Missing some feathers but after 7 days he is talking and whistling up a storm in a new cage and our Lovebug Conure Parrot welcoming him.

    thanks mr.reddington


  11. Pam Spillman

    Pam Spillman

    So excited to learn new things!!
    Here is my new little man Endo!
    He is 33 years old!
    thanks reddington

    Virginia, United States

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